About Us

Specialists in the Supply of Refurbished Enterprise IT Systems and Components

Incubated as a product sales division in 2014 by predominantly services focused Technogistics (TG), the division built strong relationships with leading distribution partners worldwide, enabling it to deliver as its core business, high-quality multi-OEM end-of-life spares, upgrades, fully configured servers, networking, and storage solutions, to local leading IT maintenance, IT service and IT system integrators.

Since then, the division has reached remarkable milestones, notably the distribution of niche technology enabling products, an exceptionally developed seamless international inbound logistics programme and 30%+ year-on-year growth to the extent where  unbundling from Technogistics became a wise business decision and, in 2022, the division became a stand-alone fully functional entity, proudly TG Express (TGx).

Its mission, however, remains the same: supplying effective, affordable systems and components sourced from its world leading offshore supply partners and generally delivered within 3-5 days from receipt of customer orders, with 98% reliability.

Our carefully selected offshore supply partners refurbishment, authenticity and functionality testing, and configuration processes guarantees TGx positioning in providing its channel  customers with the highest quality products so that their end-customers can continue using their setups, even if it is no longer supported by the original manufacturer. Where our customers are in need of specific parts, its likely our supply partners will have them in stock and If they happen not to, our international sourcing team operating in 3 key locations across the world, will work to find exact or compatible parts to suit the requirements.

TGx is uniquely equipped to locate and supply exactly what our channel Customers need, for their  end-customers to stay up and running or to meet demand.

If you have need of a certain system or component, send details of your requirements to the TGx  Direct Solutions team and they’ll be in touch within 1 working day.

To reach a wider customer base, early 2023 saw the launch of TGx direct sale of Refurbished IT Hardware and Components to consumers and small, medium, and large business users, through an online ecommerce platform without conflict with its customary IT maintenance, IT service and IT system integrator customer base.