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Dell SFP+ 10GbE Twinax Direct Attach Copper Network Cable – 1M

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The SFP+ 10GbE Twinax Direct attach copper cables provide highly reliable communication links with superior bit error rate (BER) performance. These copper cables are designed as a cost-effective and lower power alternative to optical cable assemblies for short length interconnects between active network equipment, such as:

Hot Pluggable SFP+ – SFP+ form factor, Direct Attached Copper Cables and Low power consumption and low crosstalk

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: Dell

Type: Dell 0V250M 10GbE Twinax Cable

Cable length: 1 m

Interfaces: SFP+ / SFP+


BSN Recorder Node, Services Node / Precision Workstation R7910, R7910 XL

Networking C1048P, N3132PX, X1018, X1026, X1052, X4012

PowerConnect 6224, 6224F, 6224P, 6248, 6248P, 7024, 7024F, 7024P, 7048, 7048P, 7048R, 8024, 8024F, 8100, 8100 Series, M6348, M8024

PowerEdge C4140, C6420, C6600, C6615, C6620, FC420, FC620, FC630, FC640, FC830, FX2, HS5610, M640, M640 VRTX, M820, MX750c, R220, R230, R230XL, R240, R250, R330, R350, R420XR, R430, R440, R450, R510, R520, R530, R550, R630, R640, R6415, R650, R650xs, R6515, R6525, R660, R660xs, R6625, R710, R720, R730, R730XD, R740XD, R740XD2, R7415, R7425, R750, R750xa, R750xs, R7515, R7525, R760, R760XS, R7615, R7625, R840, R860, R900, R920, R930, R940, R940xa, R960, T130, T140, T150, T320, T330, T340, T350, T430, T440, T550, T560, T630, T640, XE8640, XE9640, XE9680, XR2, XR5610, XR7620, XR8000r, XR8620t

PowerSwitch E3200-ON Series, N1500 Series, N2000 Series, N2024, N2024P, N2048, N2200-ON, N3000 Series, N3024, N3024EF-ON, N3024EP-ON, N3024ET-ON, N3024F, N3024P, N3048, N3048EP-ON, N3048ET-ON, N3048P, N3200-ON, N4000 Series, N4032, N4032F, N4064, N4064F, S4048-ON, S4048T-ON, S4112-ON, S4128, S4148, S4148U-ON, S4810-ON, S5212F-ON, S5224F-ON, S5232F-ON, S5248F-ON, S5296F-ON, S6100-ON, Z9100-ON, Z9264F-ON, Z9332F-ON, Z9432F-ON, Z9664F-ON.

PowerVault DL2100, ME4012, ME4024, ME4084, ME5012, ME5024, ME5084, NX3200, NX3300, NX400, NX440

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