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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TG Xpress (TGx)?

TG Xpress is the former product sales division of Technogistics (TG) Ltd, now an independent entity specializing in the distribution of technology products.

How does TGx maintain its relationship with Technogistics (TG)?

TGx maintains a close relationship with TG, leveraging each other’s strengths to optimize operations and deliver exceptional service

What types of products and services does TGx offer?

TGx offers new and refurbished parts and upgrades for end-of-life systems, current generation systems with limited availability, refurbished complete systems, sourcing and supply of technology products not available locally, and distribution of technology mounting solutions by application.

Who are the target customers of TGx?

TGx specializes in supplying products exclusively to the Channel, including OEMs, Distributors, Value-added Resellers (VAR), and regular resellers

What makes TGx's business model unique?

TGx specializes in the distribution of parts, upgrades, and peripherals for client systems and enterprise solutions, unlike traditional IT resellers.

What brands does TGx collaborate with?

TGx collaborates with renowned brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, IBM, Cisco, and Oracle.

What are the key benefits of partnering with TGx for technology procurement?

Benefits include seamless processing, rapid fulfillment, unparalleled support, access to a diverse range of high-quality products, and budget-friendly solutions.

What is the significance of TGx's vision statement?

TGx aims to be the ultimate destination for businesses seeking affordable, reliable, and sustainable technology solutions, revolutionizing the way organizations approach technology procurement.

How does TGx ensure the quality of its products?

TGx is committed to offering high-quality, sustainable products, including a curated selection of multi-grade refurbished laptops, desktops, and enterprise server and network equipmen

What is TGx's mission regarding customer satisfaction?

TGx's mission is to provide businesses and individuals with innovative, reliable, and cost-effective technology solutions, empowering clients to optimize their operations with confidence.